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This site is dedicated to open discussions and information on all aspects of Human Sexuality. The discussions, articles,and information are factual and straightforward.
We believe that Sex between consenting adults is pleasurable and exciting and should be experienced free of guilt, social taboos or negative stereotypes.

Dr.Ziggy, Ph.D., is a Social Psychologist and a Sexologist, as well as a Professor of Psychology at a National Recognized College. Dr. Ziggy has conducted extensive research and published articles on sexual behaviour and motivation, with a special emphasis on the sexual behaviour of Swingers. He is also a frequent contributor to sexuality magazines as well as to the recent literature on the Swinging Lifestyle.
Dr. Ziggy has presented the results of his research at international sexuality conferences and often conducts workshops and seminars on sexuality topics with professionals organizations.

Dr.Ziggy has appeared in several radio shows and some of his research has been featured in several National magazines:

- SELF Magazine (2010)
- Esquire Magazine (2011)

- Temptation Time™ with Tiffany, Colorado (2012)
- "Love and Sex" & Dr. Karen Carpenter, News Talk 93, Jamaica (2012)
- Lets Talk Sexwith Shana Katz, KFNX Website, Arizona (2011)

Dr.Ziggy offers Workshops and Seminars on the following topics:

Swinging Lifestyle
Erotic Fantasies
Relationship Enhancement
Sexual Education
The Pleasure of Safe Sex.
Life Coaching and Couples Sexual Pleasure Enhancement week-end workshops are also available.

We encourage your inquiries regarding the above seminars and workshops.

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